Missing teeth can interfere with several oral functionalities apart from hampering your facial appearance. It can cause improper bite and lead to inadequate nutrition intake, which can affect your overall health. Dental bridges are one of the best treatments for restorations. It bridges the gap created by missing teeth. For this treatment, a false tooth known as pontics is placed in the gap and held in place by abutment teeth present on either side of the gap. The pontics are made up of different materials like gold, porcelain, etc. They blend with the aesthetics of your natural teeth.

There are four types of dental bridges. Your dentist will examine your teeth’ conditions and confirm your budget before deciding the right type for your dental condition. The choices of dental bridges are:

  • Traditional: Here, your false tooth will be held together by dental crowns that are cemented to abutment teeth on both sides.
  • Cantilever: Here, the pontic is held in place by a dental crown cemented to only one abutment of teeth.
  • Maryland: It works just like the traditional bridges, but in place of crowns, a porcelain or metal framework bonded to the back of abutment teeth holds the pontics in place.
  • Implant-supported: These use dental implants in place of frameworks or crowns. Here one dental implant is surgically inserted for each of your missing teeth.

Dental bridges are one of the best solutions for your missing tooth. It has several advantages like:

  • It restores your smile.
  • It rectifies your bite and restores your ability to chew.
  • It restores your speech.
  • It helps to maintain your face shape.
  • It retains your smile line.

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