Dental Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover damaged teeth. It restores the shape, size, and strength of the decayed teeth along with improving its appearance. The crowns encase the visible portion of your teeth that lies above the gum line. It is made up of different materials, and depending on your needs and budget, your dentist will choose the ideal one for you. Permanent crowns are of stainless steel, metal, porcelain-fused metals, resin, ceramic, etc. At Boca Family Dental Clinic, you will get the best quality crowns and treatment from experienced dentists like Dr. Johanna Ramos.

Dental crowns can help you in many situations. It covers damaged teeth and protects them from further damage. Some other advantages of this treatment are:

  • It restores broken and worn-out teeth.
  • It covers teeth that have large fillings.
  • It helps dental bridges to stay in place.
  • It covers misshapen and discolored teeth- cosmetic modification.
  • It also covers dental implants.

Depending on the wear and tear, your maintenance routine, crowns are a long term restorative treatment that can last up to 15 years. Your oral habits, like grinding teeth, can also affect the durability of the crowns. Follow the instructions given by your dentist- avoid chewing on hard substances like ice and candies that might break the crown.

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