As people become older, they are more likely to lose their teeth. It can occur due to multiple reasons like gum infections, weak jawbones, etc. Missing teeth affect your chewing abilities and can cause speech problems too. If you have no teeth on either or both of your jaws, dentures can be a good solution. It is a removable replacement for your natural teeth that restores its functions and aesthetics. Depending on the number of missing teeth, you can either opt for partial or complete dentures.

Complete dentures: It is ideal for people who have lost all of their teeth and wishes to restore the functionality. It is customized according to the shape of your mouth in dental labs. These dentures work when you have no natural teeth and the gum tissues have healed.

Partial dentures: are removable and consist of a metal frame that acts like your gums and holds the artificial teeth—these work when few of your natural teeth are still present.

Initially, when you start wearing dentures, you might find it to be a bit uncomfortable. It might create pressure on your cheeks and tongue, but you will get used to the force with time. Soreness and irritation inside the mouth are common, but it is temporary and would go away within a few days.

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