Smile Design Boca Raton FL

Having a naturally beautiful smile is a blessing. Everyone loves perfectly aligned bright white teeth, but not everybody has them. If you are not satisfied with your current smile, the makeover treatments are just for you. No matter how many flaws your teeth have, your smile specialist will rectify them all. Select an experienced dentist like Dr. Johanna Ramos at Boca Family Dental Clinic who understands your expectations and oral conditions before giving you that perfect smile makeover.

As the name suggests, smile makeover treatment improves your smile appearance through various cosmetic dentistry procedures. Depending on oral conditions, your dentist will decide which is the right treatment procedure for you. They will consider multiple components during the makeover process, like skin tone, facial appearance, hair color, teeth structure, etc. Before customizing your smile. Some oral features that can be rectified through smile makeover treatment will include:

  • Tooth Color.
  • Tooth shape, their alignment, and spacing.
  • Missing teeth.
  • The overall appearance of your lips, cheeks, smile, etc.
  • Smile Line.
  • Tooth texture and characters.

After you have undergone the smile makeover treatment, maintaining the result becomes the biggest challenge. You should never ignore your routine oral hygiene practices and make sure to visit your dentist as frequently as suggested. Avoid sugary food and stained drinks to prevent cavities and teeth stains/discoloration, respectively. Follow all the instructions given by them, so that the result lasts for years to come.

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