Full Dental Implants

Full dental implants are a practical solution where all the teeth in either of your jaws are missing. Dr. Johanna Ramos, a top dentist at Boca Dental Clinic, suggests dental implants be the most effective solution for missing teeth if your oral health is good. It restores the functionality and aesthetics of your natural teeth without hampering the neighboring ones. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, take x-rays if needed, and then decide whether full dental implants can help you.

You would not need implants for each tooth. Depending on the size, one implant can provide anchorage to 10 or 12 replacement teeth. The procedure involves inserting titanium screws in your jaws and leaving it there for a few months so that it can fuse with your jawbones. The number of implants you need varies on jaws where the teeth are missing and also the number of teeth.

Dentists consider the below factors while recommending dental implants:

  • If you have speech problems, dental implants are not for you. Your dentist will then suggest alternative treatment procedures.
  • In case you have excessive biting force, then placing implants can also be a problem.

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