Full Mouth Reconstruction

As the name suggests, full mouth reconstruction helps to rebuild the appearance and functions of your mouth. The treatment uses multiple procedures of rehabilitation and restorations so that you can regain your dental condition. Full mouth reconstruction involves various cosmetic dental procedures like bridges, crowns, fillings, etc. depending on your oral needs. Apart from the teeth, the process also requires gum repairing and maintenance to ensure total oral health.

The process of full mouth reconstruction might appear similar to that of a smile makeover; the difference is that you need the former while choosing to go with or without the latter. People these days want ‘perfect’ smiles, and this is what is bringing cosmetic and restorative procedures together. So when you opt for a beautiful, perfectly aligned smile, you are also improving your oral health unknowingly.

Depending on your mouth’s conditions, your dentist will determine which full mouth reconstruction treatments are ideal for you. It can solve a wide range of dental issues, which is essential for your overall oral health. It helps you look, chew, eat, and speak better, improving your overall quality of life. It looks and feels natural and gives a boost to your self-esteem. If you want to rejuvenate your smile with full mouth reconstruction, contact us at Boca Family Dental Clinic. Dr. Johanna Ramos here excels at creating beautiful, natural-looking results that you will cherish. Visit our clinic located in the heart of Boca Raton, FL.

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