Knocked-Out Tooth

Active adults and kids can get hurt while playing sports, due to which their teeth can get knocked out. It will not only hamper your facial aesthetics but also can interfere with your oral functionalities. Sports-related injuries can result in minor chips to even complete loss of your natural teeth. If your teeth have knocked out due to an accidental blow, do not panic and immediately rush to an emergency dentist. The sooner you go, the greater is the chance of restoring your natural teeth.

Time is the most crucial factor behind the survival of your knocked-out tooth. It is best if the tooth can be replaced in its socket within five minutes of knocking out; this action will help the tooth survive. If it is not possible, then rush to your dentist within 60 minutes because as time passes, the chances of survival also become low. At the emergency room in the dental office, your tooth will be first re-inserted, and your dentist will check if it can be fixed or not.

Dr. Johanna Ramos of Boca Family Dental Clinic suggests coming as soon as possible for restoring your teeth. She states that the patient might also need to undergo Root Canal treatment for the tooth’s long-term survival. If you or your children are into contact and adventurous sports, you can opt for custom mouthguards as a protective measure. They can prevent dental accidents up to some extent.

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