Root Canal Pain

Root Canal is the procedure of deep cleaning inside the roots of your teeth. The process might irritate your nerves and gums and thus can cause discomfort and pain after the treatment. However, the pain is temporary and will go away within a few days. The root canal treatment is designed to get rid of decay and help you relieve pain. In the past, the procedure was quite painful, and that is why people avoided it. But with the advancements in technology, the treatment has been modified, and now you might experience very little pain during the procedure. You will also be given local anesthesia during the process to reduce the discomfort.

The post-treatment pain should disappear within a few weeks. However, if you are experiencing unbearable pain even after a few weeks or see your gums have swollen up, consult your dentist immediately. Depending on the condition’s severity, you might need one or more sitting for the treatment to complete. Follow the instructions given by your dentist and take all prescribed over the counter medications for relief.

Once the treatment site has fully healed, your dentist might put a crown on it to prevent the teeth from further decay. If you have teeth infections or if you want to know more about the treatment and the pain related to it, contact us at Boca Family Dental located in Boca Raton, FL. Our experienced dental team will assist you in getting the best treatment in town.

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